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NHL 2K11 riding in an RV across the US this summer


Ah, the July 4th weekend. The perfect time for grilling hot dogs, setting off fireworks, jumping in the pool, and ... hockey? That's what 2K Games wants you to think about -- it's sending an NHL 2K11 recreational vehicle on the road this summer, giving you a chance to play the new game in a town near you. The RV started at E3 a few weeks ago in LA, and after a quick stop in Santa Monica next week, it's off to the wild roads of the United States and Canada (the full schedule is after the break).

Ryan Kesler has a tour of the vehicle over on 2K's website, and it looks like a fine conveyance. For now, anyway. Sorry, Philly and New York -- after a couple of months on the road, that shower might not be quite so pristine.

July 17-18 Calgary
July 22-23 Vancouver
July 26-27 Edmonton
July 30-31 Winnipeg
August 2-3 Minneapolis
August 7-8 Chicago
August 10-11 Detroit
August 14-15 Pittsburgh
August 17-18 Toronto
August 22-23 Ottawa
August 27-28 Boston
August 30-31 Philadelphia
September 3-4 Washington, DC
September 7-8 New York

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