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EA's FIFA Manager 11 heading to PC this fall


Did you know that EA's Football Manager franchise is developed in Germany? Did you then know that, in German, the game is titled "Fussball Manager?" 'Cause that just about made our whole year. Now that we've gotten that out of the way, you might be interested to know that EA Sports is bringing another release in the Fussball series out later this year on PC. The publisher announced the title recently alongside the release of a smattering of screens (that we've dropped into a gallery below).

The tenth entry in the FIFA Manager series promises a lowered barrier of entry for new players, as well as "considerably expanded" online functionality. EA's Bright Future studio in Germany is heading up development of the annual franchise's latest installment, and the game is expected to release sometime this fall. Get your, um, pencils and paper ready? We guess? Yeah! It's Fussball time!

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