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Pre Plus and Pixi Plus free on contract, with free accessories, too

Sean Hollister

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What we really want from HP is a brand new webOS smartphone, but it'd be unfair to say we'd "settle" for a Palm Pre -- especially at prices like these. To commemorate the opening of the new HP Wireless store, the company's offering both Pre Plus and Pixi Plus, on AT&T or Verizon, free of charge for a limited time. Not only that, but these handsets feature free shipping, and the Pre comes with free accessories (including a Bluetooth headset, car charger and leather case) to boot. Meanwhile, Sprint's still sitting in the corner all alone, expecting folks to slap down cash money (up to $100) for these handsets' original incarnations. If you've been considering these devices already, it seems that now's the time to choose... but before you sign your life away, why not read our full review?

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