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Fat Princess in-game tips teasing Zombie DLC

Titan Studios didn't wait too long after the launch of its multiplayer PSN title, Fat Princess, before it started teasing new archetypes which would appear in the game's first major DLC release. Now that said content has finally launched, it seems Atomic Operations is wasting no time in teasing the next expansion for the game: One which might just involve waves of shambling undead.

The game's catalog of in-game tips recently had a message added which reads, "I think Zombies are coming soon, run!" Helpful advice, indeed. A few fans also noticed that the debut trailer for the recently launched Fat Roles DLC features pumpkins in lieu of cakes in a few clips. We could be in for a whole slew of Halloween-flavored Fat Princess classes -- either that, or the titular overweight monarch is switching over to a more vegan-friendly diet.

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