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Gigabyte's 'Codfish' Android phone comes to Portugal as the 'Boston'

Chris Ziegler

We doubt Bostonians appreciate being cast as obsolete, cheap, or chock-full of plastic -- but for whatever reason, Portuguese carrier Optimus has recently started offering Gigabyte's so-called Codfish as the Boston (not to say the name "Codfish" is any more accurate). The phone's actually not a bad way to get into Android cheaply, we suppose, featuring a 3.2-inch display, WiFi, Bluetooth, and a 5 megapixel camera for €160 (about $201) -- but the problem we see is that Android 1.6 is looking awfully long in the tooth at this point, particularly for a newly-released device. With any luck, Optimus can swiftly deliver an update, lest Boston's good name be sullied any longer than it needs to be.

[Thanks, SmoothMarx]

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