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Destination Arcade: New Xbox Live Arcade 'visual browser'

Unencumbered by legacy Xbox support, this year's Xbox 360 Dashboard update promises to be a big one. And while E3 may have been a bust for those of us eager to learn about the bi-annual update, we are getting some information piecemeal, starting with last week's Hulu Plus announcement and now, this week, we have Destination Arcade, a "brand new recommendation engine & visual browser app" coming to Xbox 360s ... next week!

There's not much information on the new browser app, but we do know you'll be able to sort by price and community rating, find out about "the latest arcade releases through a news feed" (sort of like this one!) and, seemingly replacing a piece of pre-New Xbox Experience functionality, the ability recommend games to friends and see which games your friends have recommended. You can find some pics of the new service in the gallery below.

Gallery: Destination Arcade | 4 Photos

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