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Fallen Earth preps Texas Invasion Celebration

Jef Reahard

Icarus Studios is gearing up to celebrate an interesting Fallen Earth anniversary of sorts, as plans for the Texas Invasion Celebration are afoot. Last year, a horde of angry Texans invaded the Grand Canyon province and caused a temporary cessation of clone-on-clone violence as LifeNet survivors banded together to fend off the horde and protect the region's resources.

This year, survivors can celebrate the one year anniversary of the victory, and Fallen Earth GMs will be there to hand out festive prizes and loot leftover from the battle. One other important point is highlighted in the event press release. "Please be advised that Tiggs (GM) is a Texan. Offensive and/or obscene Texan remarks may result in [the]death of your clone, teleporting and/or no goodies. Just sayin."

Check out all the details on the official site.

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