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White PS3 Slim, larger hard drives offered in Japan


If you were in the market for a white PS3 Slim, but didn't want one with Lightning all up on it, you're in luck! Sony Japan has just introduced a new "Classic White" system, along with a new white vertical stand and, of course, Classic White DualShock 3 controllers. The new system is outfitted with a 160GB hard drive. The 160GB PS3 will retail for 29,980 ($341).

In addition, Sony is selling the "Charcoal Black" PS3 Slim in a 160GB Torne digital recorder bundle, for ¥36,980 ($421), and a version with a luxurious 320GB hard drive (and no Torne) for ¥34,980 ($398). All of these are going on sale -- in Japan only -- on July 29. The current 120GB PS3 Slim is now going "open price," meaning retailers can drop the price at their discretion.

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