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125cc motorcycle + DIY fiberglass fairing = 214mpg, super cool looks

Tim Stevens

While the quest for alternate fuels goes on, so too other peoples' search for the ultimate in economy while running on good 'ol petrol. Allert Jacobs DIY creation reaches near the pinnacle of two-wheeled efficiency, almost doubling the stock Honda Innova 125i's 114mpg rating. He hand-crafted the fiberglass shell above, which slides forward to allow easy egress and looks rather close to the dustbin fairings post-WWII race bikes used to achieve incredible speeds -- before they were banned in 1958 due to crosswind instability. No word on what Jacobs' creation is like to ride in a stiff gale, but we must say his bike looks rather more badass than the stock model.

[Photo credit: Hans Pieterse]

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