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FIFA 11 kicks off September 28 in North America, October 1 in Europe and Asia


FIFA 11 will storm the North American retail pitch on September 28 for every major platform except the Wii, whose version will be called in on October 4. Additionally, Europe and Asia will don their shin pads for every platform on October 1.

The latest edition of the footie franchise adds the "Creation Centre" on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, allowing players to "craft your own football player and create the team of your dreams using a web-based application." The application will launch on the same day as the game.

As previously revealed, FIFA 11 will also feature the so-called "Personality+" system and "custom audio," enabling fans to assign custom sound clips (e.g., team chants saved on the hard drive) to play during "player introductions, halftime and after goals" -- no word yet on an "always" setting to enable the authentic, ever-present droning of the vuvuzela.

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