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Halo: Reach returns to Blood Gulch in new video


Today is July 7, a normal day for most human beings but a very special day for Bungie devotees. That's right, it's the seventh day of the seventh month, which signals the arrival of Bungie Day, along with a special present for Halo: Reach fans in the form of a new video from the folks at Rooster Teeth. Blood Gulch, probably the most well-remembered map in Halo history, returns and, as you'll see, it's both very familiar and very different (especially considering that you can leave the canyon).

The video also teases a new armor ability -- which could be a joke, mind you -- that allows players to create a holographic decoy. And hey, is Sarge using the jet pack and carrying the flag? That was a no-no during the beta. Check it out after the break.

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