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iPhone network settings take 2. Will it fix the proximity sensor bug?

Mel Martin

We were surprised and gratified at how many of our readers were able to improve iPhone 4 reception (or at least there were more bars) by resetting network settings.

Now it appears people are using the same technique to fix the sometimes buggy proximity sensor that is supposed to turn the screen light off when the phone is near your head for making a call.

A chorus of users are reporting the issue, saying the screen does not turn off and they wind up muting calls and even hanging up on people inadvertently.

Apple support boards are now filling up with reports from people who say that our old friend 'reset network settings' will often fix the issue. Others have said a hard reset of the phone (hold down the sleep and home button until the white Apple logo appears) has a similar effect, and of course some say it doesn't help at all. If you do reset your network settings, you'll lose any Wi-Fi or network passwords. The hard re-boot of the phone will leave everything in place and should have no ill effects.

You can find the network reset software switch towards the bottom of iPhone Settings > General.

My, those network resets seem to fix some bugs that are frustrating iPhone 4 owners. I wonder if it will take care of my allergies? As always, let us know if these solutions work for you, or if they don't.

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