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More Mass Effect 2, Dragon Age DLC now available


Bioware buckaroos, mount up! New DLC add-ons were deployed this week for the developer's sci-fi, space-faring RPG, Mass Effect 2, and its traditional fantasy RPG, Dragon Age: Origins. Head past the break for complete details and stuff to look at.

Gallery: Mass Effect 2 (Aegis Pack DLC) | 4 Photos

Mass Effect 2 Aegis Pack
Xbox 360: 160 MS Points [] / PC: 160 BioWare Points []
  • M-29 Incisor Sniper Rifle
  • Kestrel Armor set (adds weapon damage, melee damage, shield strength, headshot damage, adds shields and increases heavy weapon ammo capacity)

Gallery: Dragon Age: Origins (Leliana's Song DLC) | 3 Photos

Dragon Age: Origins 'Leliana's Song' DLC
Xbox 360: 560 MS Points [] / PS3: $6.99 [PSN] / PC: []
  • Play as Leliana, a bard accompanying her mentor, Marjolaine, on a "high-risk mission." Includes one "unique reward" transferable to your Origins or Awakening game.

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