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Realtime Worlds restructuring to provide "total support" for APB

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

APB's Dave Jones said he expected mediocre reviews from the media immediately after launch. Be that as it may, the Realtime Worlds team obviously feels that the game is a success, according to today's press release.

The press release announced that the APB staff will increase, and Realtime Worlds will actually be pulling resources from an unnamed second project as well in order to give full support to APB. This will mean 24/7 live support, more content updates, and generally a more active future for the game.

CEO Gary Dale explained that the decision is a reflection of the game's successful launch and Realtime's expectation of continued success in the future: "APB experienced a very smooth launch for an online dedicated game along with a great reception from consumers and we're immensely proud of the game the team has produced. We now have to focus our efforts and resources on running APB as a 24/7 online live operation, creating new content and services for the future and ensuring the best possible experience for the players." Check out the press release for all the details.

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