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Two Crackdown 2 DLC packs teased


We might not have loved Crackdown 2 as much as anticipated, but we're glad to see that's not stopping developer Ruffian Games from supporting the game post-launch with downloadable content. Speaking to MTV Multiplayer, producer James Cope revealed two (tentatively titled) packs already planned for release: "The Toy Box" and "Deluge." According to Cope, The Toy Box will be available first and features "new gadgets and vehicles," as well as opening up Pacific City in the same way that the first game's "Keys to the City" mode did.

Next will be the Deluge pack, which will contain "new game modes to expand the play" -- Cope says the team at Ruffian is aiming for "a completely new way to play the game you've already got." No release prices or dates were given for the DLC add-ons, though, presumably Crackdown 2 owners are still plenty occupied collecting all of them orbs. It's a hunger that can't be satisfied, folks!

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