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Expresso announces PND for the golf course, you'll have to find your own polyester pants


PNDs for the golf course aren't exactly unheard of, and if they fail to excite us it might be because we're not really the types that putt in the office while dictating memos to our secretaries (we don't even have secretaries in Engadget HQ). If this sort of thing is your bag, however, we want you to know that a company called Expresso has recently announced the AG1 Automotive and Golf GPS, which promises all the nav info you could ever want for "the freeway, family entertainment and the fairway." That is, they threw in a media player with the usual GPS capabilities. Featuring iGolf maps for more than 20,000 courses and an HD display, we have a lovely video after the jump in case you would like to hear more. The Pro from Dover never had it this good!

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