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Panasonic introduces KX-PW821 fax machine with a touchscreen and stylus, world may never be the same

Tim Stevens

We were a little shocked to learn in Panasonic's latest press release that there are still people out there who rely on faxes. For our younger readers, faxing is a means of transmitting images between two machines that make funny noises over phone lines. Important documents were often transferred via those funny noises because the resulting quality was so low your signature and any other confidential info was made impossible to read on the resulting printout. However, Panasonic's new KX-PW821 shuns the paper altogether, allowing you to doodle something on the screen and then hit send to have it transmitted. On the receiving end it can save a tree by writing faxes straight to SDHC storage and can store voicemails and full conversations as audio recordings, meaning this package could replace even the tape in your vintage answering machine. No word on whether the tiny kendo student is included, however.

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