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TiVo Premiere to receive yet another performance and stability update


Tweets by TiVo's VP of user experience hinting that the TiVo Premiere would receive its third software update to improve stability and performance have been officially confirmed by TiVo. This should be good news to users still frustrated by the Premiere's sluggish menu performance and tendency to lock up -- although we can't blame skeptics for remaining stoic considering these issues were supposed to be fixed in the last update. Unfortunately there's also no official word on when to expect the release, or whether it'll roll out in waves like other TiVo updates. While we're normally all for improved performance via software tweaks, we can't help but scratch our heads at TiVo's previous attempts to bring the Premiere up to a reliable and glitch free user experience. -- TiVo's hesitancy to advance the product through additions like the long awaited Pandora integration is also troubling. Here's hoping the trend gets bucked on both counts in this upcoming release.

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