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World of Tanks welcomes closed beta with new trailer and screenshots

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Remember the time World of Tanks roasted EVE? is at it again with a new trailer, this time creating a smoking wreck out of a sports car -- the type you'd find in a racing MMO.

This trailer -- and a handful of brand-new screenshots -- arrive just in time for closed beta, which begins today.

Producer Victor Kislyi is excited about the community's first look at World of Tanks: "It's a great and exciting moment both for us and our players, as today is the first time we share the results of our work with them. We are looking forward to close cooperation with our community to make sure every single part in the complex mechanism of the game works properly. So don't wait; just grab a key, choose your tank and get ready to wreak havoc!"

Want a firsthand look? Join the beta through the official site or get your beta key from Massively, and check out the newest trailer and images below.

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