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Big Brother UK invaded by Titan the robot (video)


First off let's be clear: we're not talking about an invasion of the UK surveillance society (this time), instead, we're talking about the Big Brother TV show which, apparently, is still on the air. Enter our old friend Titan the Robot, the 7-foot 3-inch tall, human-operated "robot" from Cyberstein Robots. The flatmates found him hiding in the shower a few days ago before he set off ordering them about. We're sure everyone will be safe, at least until some skank "glamour model" decides to nickname it "chicken." Watch the rather mundane video of the robot-as-answering-machine after the break. Hey, its the best we've got until some desperate-for-stardom flatmate coaxes Titan into bumpin' servos, Bjork-style, on live TV.

[Thanks, Wayne Y.]

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