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Burning Life author talks EVE novels, chronicles

Jef Reahard

French fansite EVE Mondes Persistants features an interesting interview with author Hjalti Danielsson, otherwise known as CCP Abraxas. Danielsson, a seven year veteran of the Icelandic development team, is perhaps better known as the pen behind the EVE universe tie-in novel The Burning Life, as well as a number of the short story chronicles on the game's official website.

In the interview, he talks about everything from the challenge of lengthy prose, to future EVE novels, to the makeup of CCP's storytelling staff.

"I belong to EVE's content department and the storyline effort is actually a collaboration between content writers working on in-game missions and fiction and content writers like myself that deal more with the fiction behind the game unattached to the client. We all work as one unit to decide EVE's NPC storyline, work on the EVE Chronicles, and so on; and the Storyline Board, which sits on top of all those efforts, is staffed with people from multiple disciplines," Danielsson says.

View the full interview at EVE Mondes Persistants.

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