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Civilization 5 Special Edition includes miniatures, soundtrack, art book


In addition to the standard retail version, Civilization 5 will be offered in a special edition box to better stand the test of time. The bundle includes: five metal figurines based on in-game units, a two-disc CD soundtrack, the "Behind the Scenes at Firaxis on Civilization V" DVD and a 176-page hardcover art book. The special edition will build its first city in the the UK on September 24 for £60. (We've sent a messenger pigeon to 2K Games for confirmation of a North American release and price.)

Our recent preview of Civ 5 left us feeling good about the sequel's prospects. Yeah ... like, "just one more turn" good. We should probably go to a meeting.

Update: 2K Games confirmed to Joystiq the special edition will settle in North America on September 21 for $99.99.

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