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Kinect demos available next week at Macy's


Microsoft's assault on the "expanded audience" begins in earnest, with Kinect demo stations being set up in one of the least GameStop-like retailers imaginable, Macy's. People who go into stores in 13 cities across the US, looking for Martha Stewart furniture or the like, will have an opportunity to experience the controller-free gaming ... experience starting July 15. The retailer will also give away one Kinect per day at between August 12 and September 10.

The locations are much more spread out than the other Kinect demo locations (Microsoft Stores), so you have a better shot at being able to find one near you -- or you could just go outside and start waving your arms, in the hope that one of the Kinects will notice. We don't know how good those cameras are. You can see the list of stores after the break.

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