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PlayStation Home 'Wipeout Museum' preserves futuristic racing history

Have you taken the time to familiarize yourself with some of the biggest moments in the history of the Wipeout franchise? The original game's ship date? The day Psygnosis was acquired and rebranded SCE Studio Liverpool? How about the time young Billy Caruthers first traveled fast enough in Wipeout 64 to break the sound barrier, causing the speakers of his 17-inch television and his left eardrum to disintegrate?

You can learn all about these momentous occasions by visiting the "Wipeout Museum" space, which recently opened in PlayStation Home. The space celebrates the franchise's 15th birthday with a few scale models of the game's hovercrafts and a couple of interactive minigames -- you know, games like Wipeout Shooter, which recreates all the thrilling shooting gallery action for which the core series is known.

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