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PotBS's Power and Prestige expanion enters open beta

Jef Reahard

Flying Lab Software has announced that the first expansion to their Pirates of the Burning Sea MMORPG has officially entered open beta testing. The new features, titled Power & Prestige, include Port Governance, a new fighting school called brawling, and over 60 new missions.

"Power & Prestige's closed Beta has been a great success," says Flying Lab community manager Tom Atkinson-Edwards. "The feedback from our testers has been fantastic and we're excited to show Power & Prestige to the world."

Closed beta testers as well as anyone sampling Pirates of the Burning Sea via its 14-day trial are eligible to participate in open beta activities from now through the launch in early August. Players may log into the Testbed server and experience Power & Prestige with no level-cap, as well as take part in weekend events hosted by Flying Lab.

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