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Spruce Deuce robot drummer is a fleshbag percussionist's worst nightmare (video)

Tim Stevens

Sure you can make a drum machine out of Legos, but can you make an actual drummer out of Legos? Steve Averill couldn't, but we think his rather more organic creation is even better than plastic bricks. It's called the Spruce Deuce, a robot that, like the Spruce Goose, is actually made of birch plywood. He's articulated by 11 radio servos tied to a MIDI controller and, amazingly, is pretty good -- or, at least, he isn't bad, able to hit the snare, tom tom, and cymbals. He's even mastered the double bounce and sets the rhythm before the song starts, which you can see after the break. Sure, he's a little more stiff than you might want for an average jazz percussionist, but when you're dealing with something constructed from cross-ply wooden sheets you have to give up a little flex, man.

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