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Hold your breath for Sniper: Ghost Warrior patch


City Interactive has announced that a patch is headed to its recently released sneaky shooter, Sniper: Ghost Warrior. The patch is set to fix some GUI problems -- including multiplayer stats -- and will also fix some multiplayer bugs, like the ability to run outside the map. Multiplayer will also see the "Increased ability" for a player to hold his breath. Perhaps most importantly, the patch will fix a crashing issue on the PC version.

The patch is expected to arrive for both the Xbox and PC version of Sniper within the next two weeks. See the patch notes after the break.

  • Modifications to several important AI issues
  • Modifications to several GUI problems, such as (a) registration of internet profile; (b) multiplayer statistics; and (c) the removal of the ugly blink after exiting to other menus
  • Several multiplayer bugs will also be fixed (i.e., running outside the map, getting stuck in one place)
  • Increased ability to hold your breath in the multiplayer mode will be added
  • The engine crash experienced on some PC configurations will be fixed

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