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WRUP: Another week, another weekend


Another weekend means it's time for another edition of WRUP! For those of you playing at home, we'll refresh you on the rules of our little game: every weekend, we ask our contributors what they're playing this weekend (i.e. what are you playing, i.e. WRUP). Their responses go into a post very much like this one and readers are encouraged to join in and geek out about their favored game of the hour. Want to know what sort of trouble the Massively crew is getting into this weekend? The answers are here -- just read on to find out!

  • Beau Hindman (@spouseaggro): I will be finishing up my time with AdventureQuest Worlds and will need to decide if I am going to continue with it. I will also be getting more guild items together for our Vanguard Massively night on Monday, and will be checking out Allods' new patch, Earth Eternal's new patch, and a new patch for my jacket. I tore the elbow.
  • Brianna Royce: I'm tooling in Champions Online still -- surprised how much I like it now after such a horrible beta/launch experience. I'd be concerned about replay value if I weren't still planning to flee for Going Rogue in August. And I suppose I'm trying to see how over-extended I can get with SWG crafting. I always mean to start out small, but I can never keep to it.
  • Edward Marshall: I'll be playing World of Tanks beta unless Fallen Earth releases the next update patch this weekend (very doubtful). It's probably going to be a panzerkrieg weekend.
  • Eliot Lefebvre: This weekend is to be rife with City of Heroes, writing, and a little Guild Wars. I'm also feeling the BioWare bug again, so I might very well fire up either Dragon Age or Mass Effect. Also, i'd really like to play the "sleep soundly for a full night" game, my insomnia has been acting up.
  • Jef Reahard: I finally got my first level 80 toon in AoC this week. I'll be starting him on his AA perks, tiger mount (or combat pet, hmm) faction grind, and working to get our guild city to tier three. Also planning on finishing up the betrayal quest in EQII, hitting 30 on my wizard, and continuing to dodge gankers in Darkfall.
  • Larry Everett (@shaddoe): I am totally stuck on LotRO's F2P beta this weekend. I think it's a great model for MMOs. More games should consider using it -- SWG, maybe? Other than LotRO I have to get my SWG fix, and maybe I can squeeze in a little EVE.
  • MJ Guthrie: I have been dragging my heels since reaching 50 in Aion, so this weekend will see me actually dive into my Miragent armor quest line, as well as helping friends polish off campaign quests. Since my son will be back from camp, we will have some fun patrolling the lands for errant rifters.I will also be squeezing in time poking through Vanguard (and possibly rebuilding my Inn), prowling around the new content in AoC, and enjoying time in EQII -- where I have to relearn my armorsmithing. Can someone extend the weekend by about 48 hours? Too many games!
  • Patrick Mackey (@mackeypb): I doubt I'll be doing much gaming this weekend, other than my PnP stuff. I didn't get my confirmation email for the World of Tanks beta so... I'm kind of stuck there. I have some RL friends that want to hang out this weekend though.
  • Rubi Bayer (@Rubi_): I'll be spending some quality Guild Wars time this weekend. I need to wrap up the new War in Kryta stuff so I can fangirl all about it on Monday's Flameseeker Chronicles. Shawn and I are recording an extremely exciting interview this weekend as well. Our interviewee is a surprise, but we bet you'll be as excited as we are -- you don't want to miss next week's Massively Speaking. Finally, I hope to fit in some DDO time. Massively's guild is at level 13 and climbing fast!
  • Ryan Greene (@thatgaynerd): I expect a mostly gaming-free weekend as I bid farewell to North Carolina before heading up to the Dirty Jerz on Monday. After that, expect me to be holed up with Dragon Quest IX for a long, long time. I'm just sad that I'm gonna miss Yuji Horii and a Dragon Quest ice cream truck (!!!) by a mere 24 hours.
  • Seraphina Brennan (@sera_brennan): This weekend is mostly going to be about going outside with friends, but it also means that there will be time to shoot up some criminals in APB and work on eventually having my prestige hit five stars. I'd love to have some criminals try to chase me down and kill me for a reward! :D Beyond that, working out the final rules in my pen and paper roleplaying game with my mechanics guy, and then it's off to another round of playtesting to see how things are working. Hopefully they'll work as well as everything did last time!
  • Tateru Nino (@taterunino): Okay, DND Online is growing on me. It's good for a casual, dive in and play an adventure and log out. Compact, self-contained fun for a solo-player with time-restrictions and frequent interruptions. Also spending a little time with Icepick Lodge's The Void, and Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising. Having eclectic tastes makes life more interesting - there's almost always something to whet your appetite.
And now, dearest readers, it is your turn. Jump into the comments and let us know what you're playing this weekend!

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