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Japanese hardware sales, June 28 - July 4: Throwback edition

Remember how, like, a brazillion years ago, Dragon Quest IX came out in Japan, and lifted all iterations of the Nintendo DS up to the high heavens? Remember how much you wanted to be a part of that cultural phenomenon? Well, here's your chance.

If our hypothesis about the cyclical nature of gaming trends between the regions of Japan and North America is correct -- as our hypotheses often are -- then Dragon Quest IX should sell at least 15 million units in the U.S. in this first week alone. Meanwhile, in around six months, Japan's going to absolutely bonkers for Red Dead Redemption. Trust us, guys. We've got this down to a science.

Following that formula, in just about one year, we're going to be swept with the Inazuma Eleven 3: Challenge the World! fever that's currently taking Japan by storm. Given the fact that the World Cup won't be going on next year, and that everyone will probably have to import the game as the series has never come stateside, we recognize that's going to be a pretty tough putt. Still, we can't stress this enough: Science.

- DSi LL: 32,661 9,015 (21.63%)
- PSP: 24,865 1,608 (6.91%)
- Wii: 21,964 2,849 (14.90%)
- PS3: 20,077 499 (2.55%)
- DSi: 18,271 965 (5.58%)
- Xbox 360: 7,303 10,067 (57.96%)
- DS Lite: 5,339 130 (2.50%)
- PS2: 1,594 64 (4.18%)
- PSP Go: 1,024 179 (21.18%)

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