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Name this song, get your name in the Gran Turismo 5 credits

How would you like to get your name in the credits sequence of the most frequently delayed video game in the history of mankind? That'd be quite a claim for you to lord over your friends, wouldn't it? Achieving this level of fame is simple -- all you have to do is give a name to the English version of the song used in Gran Turismo 5's E3 trailer. If they pick yours, you'll get a mention in the "Special Thanks" portion of the credits.

You can listen to the song and check out the rules for the contest on the game's official site. You can also give the track's lyrics a once-over, though this might just serve to further confuse you. With vocals like "To your abusive ways // The cracks have opened up to the core // Is there anywhere to go from here now? // Sick with the lies consuming our souls," we're thinking about submitting the title "Holy Crap, This is the Most Depressing Racing Game Ever."

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