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Daigo Umehara wins at EVO 2010; EVO Japan announced


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With "over 3,000 player signups," this year's Evolution Championship Series had the largest turnout in the tourney's history -- perhaps unsurprising given the recent resurgence in the popularity of fighting games. What's even less surprising? Daigo "The Beast" Umehara took the number one spot in Super Street Fighter IV, once again trouncing his competition. Meanwhile, Justin Wong headed up the Marvel vs Capcom 2 ladder and Yoichiro "Garu" Aruga topped the Melty Blood boards.

Alongside the ballyhoo and smack talkery of EVO 2010's proceedings came the announcement of the first-ever EVO Japan, set for September 11 and 12 (just before the Tokyo Game Show). According to Versus City, the event will take place "somewhere in the Tokyo/Kawasaki area" and is being put together by the EVO staff with the folks from Godsgarden. We've listed all of the winners after the break, alongside a video of the dramatic final SSFIV round.

Super Street Fighter IV - Top 8
  1. Daigo Umehara (Ryu)
  2. EG.Ricky Ortiz (Rufus, Chun-Li)
  3. Infiltration (Akuma)
  4. Mike Ross (E. Honda)
  5. Bruce "GamerBee" Hsiang (Adon)
  6. Vance "Vangief" Wu (Zangief)
  7. Henry Cen (E. Honda, Dhalsim)
  8. Shizza (Chun-Li)

Tekken 6 - Top 8

  1. Nin
  2. Rip
  3. Mr. Naps
  4. Devil Jim
  5. jfj
  6. Tokido
  7. Crow
  8. GMMA Kor

Super Street FIghter II HD Remix - Top 8

  1. Snake Eyes
  2. DGV
  3. Afrolegends
  4. Daigo
  5. Afro Cole
  6. Tokido
  7. Alex Valle
  8. Ryry

Super SF4 Women's Invitational - Top 4

  1. AAA Kayane
  2. Burnyourbra
  3. Yellow Gal
  4. Lina

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom - Top 8

  1. EG Marn
  2. KBeast
  3. EG Justin Wong
  4. Kurasa
  5. Psychochronic
  6. Royal Flush
  7. skisonic
  8. Keits

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 - Top 8

  1. EG Justin Wong
  2. EMP Santhrax
  3. Clockw0rk
  4. EMP Yipes
  5. Neo
  6. Crizzle
  7. Chaos Nightwolf
  8. Regency Rob

Melty Blood - Top 8

  1. Yoichiro "Garu" Aruga
  2. Stephen "Lord Knight" Barthelemy
  3. Antonio "Kusanagi" Medrano
  4. Byron "HF Blade" Barzabal
  5. Brandon "Brandino" Lee
  6. Yuji "Yat" Tanaka
  7. James Xie
  8. Eric "Numakie" Gutierrez

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