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Endgame arrives for A Tale in the Desert 4

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

A Tale in the Desert 4 is coming to an end, and as players begin to look toward Tale 5, eGenesis has an endgame surprise. The ATitD community will be voting on a Pharaoh and have a direct effect on how Tale 5 is presented.

Sami and Wahim are the candidates for Pharaoh, so to speak. Wahim is your status-quo option, so if you like the way things are in game that's the way to go. Sami, on the other hand, is all about change. If Sami becomes the Pharaoh in game, players will be able to invent seven new technologies. Technologies affect how things are crafted and built in the game, and since A Tale in the Desert is a crafting game, it's a chance for players to completely change the content of the game.

Keep an eye on the ATitD site for all the details and election results.

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