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iPad stealing sales of e-readers and portable game consoles


In a balky economy with limited opportunities for people to spend discretionary income on electronics, it's not surprising that a purchase of one device -- an iPad, for example -- might keep a person from purchasing an e-reader device like an Amazon Kindle or a portable game console.

A report recently published by Resolve Market Research and shared by Mashable is showing that the market is responding in exactly that manner. A full 49% of survey respondents answered that they would not by an e-reader after purchasing an iPad, followed closely by 38% saying that they would forgo the purchase of a portable game console if they bought an iPad. The iPhone has already had an impact on sales of gaming consoles, and the upcoming deployment of iOS4 on iPad as well as the advent of Apple's Game Center may prove to

The Resolve study also shows that for 37% of respondents, the iPad would be their first Apple product. For many people, the iPhone was a gateway product that resulted in future purchases of other Apple products, so there's a possibility that the iPad could also create the same halo effect.

All was not rosy in the Resolve study. 58% of respondents perceived the iPad to be "an expensive toy." When asked why they'd reject the iPad, 54% noted that they "didn't see a need for it," while 46% believed that "it's too expensive." Be sure to check out two more charts from the Resolve study by clicking the Read More link below.

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