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Killzone 3 adds 'cinematic deaths,' influenced by 'Hollywood realism'


Expect a lot more things to explode and/or fly directly into you in Killzone 3. Guerrilla is hyping up "cinematic deaths" as a new feature of its upcoming sequel, and it looks exactly as it sounds. According to a blog post on, "Killzone 3 is strongly influenced by Hollywood realism ... Cinematic deaths are the logical progression of this design philosophy, adding a variety of spectacular (and sometimes explosive) new ways for Helghast enemies to perish."

Valve's "cinematic physics" (utilized in Half-Life 2: Episide Two) favored drama over realism, and it appears Guerrilla is following suit; however, we'll have to agree with some of the fans' criticisms. "I don't understand how when you shoot that ship with missiles, it loses control and comes right at you," one commenter questioned. Another added that the new cinematic death animations "look really weird and fake." Would you agree?

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