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Please don't really turn your TV into an iPad


We've posted a lot of wacky Apple-related products here on the site, but I think this is the wackiest I've ever seen. A Russian firm is reportedly selling a series of plastic decals that will make any flatscreen television of a certain size into something that looks like an iPad.

Oh, you say, that's cute. What does it do -- maybe adds a little bit of chrome around the edges? No, this goes further -- it literally makes your television look like an iPad, complete with a Home button & black bar around the outside, and iTunes controls in the middle of the screen. That's right, the same controls that actually fade out of sight on the iPad because they're in the way can be on your TV screen for a small price.

We don't know what that price is, but honestly just the fact that these exist is strange enough. I like the iPad and all, but the screen size and onscreen controls are limits of the device, not features that you want to artificially impose on other screens.

Update: According to text on the website, this was an April Fool's joke done by Russian design group DarkDesignGroup. Consider us fooled. At least our faith in Russian designers is restored!

[via Gearfuse]

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