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Pokemon Black and White to feature video chat, 'pass by' mode

Scans of a promotional pamphlet for Pokémon Black and White, acquired by, have revealed a few new features for game and firsts for the franchise. One such feature, which is becoming increasingly popular in Japanese handheld RPGs, is a "pass by" mode. When Pokémon Black and White players with dormant DSs come into proximity with each other, their handhelds will connect, providing both players with heretofore unannounced bonuses.

Another, slightly more ambitious feature, is a video chat function that players unlock while playing through the game's campaign. After gaining access to the "Live Caster" tool, two players using a DSi or 3DS can participate in a video chat over Wi-Fi. The tool also lets four players perform video chat conferences over local wireless connections. We suggest reading that last sentence again, turning off your computer and going to sit in a dark room for a while until you can fully contemplate its ridiculousness.

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