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Rumor: Is Star Trek Online due for Turbine's business model?

Eliot Lefebvre

Back in early June, Turbine surprised everyone -- for the second time in a year -- by announcing that Lord of the Rings Online would be moving to a free-to-play model akin to Dungeons and Dragons Online. It seems like a somewhat risky move on one level, but also quite understandable given the success the latter has enjoyed. Now we're hearing potential rumblings of another game heading in that direction -- specifically, from Star Trek Online's new Executive Producer Daniel Stahl.

In the midst of a thread rather unhappy with some of the answers from the most recent Ask Cryptic outing, Stahl chimed in about Star Trek Online going free-to-play. Stahl mentions that he could easily see Cryptic's game adopting a similarly hybrid model, with the option for a subscription as well as the option to pay as you play. While he stops far from saying that it's in the plan, he does say the success enjoyed by Turbine is well worth taking note. Alternative subscription plans are gaining momentum, and with gamers complaining about the C-Store prices combined with a subscription fee, the idea might not be so far-fetched after all.

[Thanks to Alexander for the tip!]

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