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Samsung Galaxy Teos and Naos rush in to relieve aging Spica

Chris Ziegler

Actually, calling the i5700 Galaxy Spica from Samsung "aging" isn't entirely fair -- the Android-powered handset was only introduced in November of last year. Thing is, Android moves at the pace of a speeding green robot -- and considering Sammy's reputation for flooding the market with hardware, we're not surprised to see a couple replacements leak out already. The so-called Galaxy Teos and Naos (pictured left and right, respectively) both feature WQVGA displays and 3 megapixel cameras paired with Android 2.1 and TouchWiz; the latter is apparently an affordable Orange exclusive in your choice of black or white. Samsung certainly has the high end covered right now with the Galaxy S series, so if we had to guess, these little guys (and their various siblings around the world) will help fill in the midrange.

Update: Samsung Hub points out that these are the same as the Galaxy 3 and Galaxy Apollo sold in other markets. The company's certainly no stranger to changing phone names in different countries, so it's not much of a surprise to see 'em do it here.

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