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Gaming and Electronics Expo in Salt Lake City this weekend


We're right in the middle of convention season, but even if you're not planning to hit up San Diego, Seattle or Tokyo this year, there's always Salt Lake City. That's where the Gaming and Electronics Expo (GEEX) is being held this coming weekend. With a 27-hour LAN party, tournaments and exhibits all weekend long, and over 15,000 attendees expected, it sounds like Sandy, Utah (just south of SLC) will be rocking it.

If you're going to be around, tickets are still available, and for $18 with a $5 discount online, they're one of the cheapest show passes you can still find for sale this summer. The exhibitor list isn't quite as big as PAX, and the speakers aren't quite as star-studded as Comic-Con, but if you live in Utah, you should probably take what you can get and enjoy yourself anyway, right?

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