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T-Mobile webConnect Rocket 2.0 leaks out, brings along Mac support and microSDHC slot

Darren Murph

T-Mobile's webConnect Rocket has only been delivering "4G speeds" to users in search of mobile internet for a handful of months now, but already the company looks to have a successor on deck. If a pair of leaked slides are to be believed, the webConnect Rocket 2.0 is mildly overhauled version of the original USB WWAN modem, capable of delivering HSPA+ speeds on both PC and Mac platforms. There's also a nifty microSDHC slot for loading up to 16GB of storage, but outside of that, little else is known. We're still waiting patiently for a price and release date to come our way, but in the meantime, feel free to slam the brakes on that impending Rocket 1.0 purchase.

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