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Xbox 360 '4GB Arcade System Bundle' spotted on Amazon Germany


Amazon's German site has listed an "Xbox 360 4 GB Arcade System Bundle" (link is valid as of this writing) for pre-order, which could possibly be the cheaper Xbox 360 "slim" hardware that Microsoft has said is coming sometime this fall.

The "4GB" in the title implies that this Arcade version has 4GB of storage included, either as NVRAM or in the form of a USB flash drive. (The soon-to-be-obsolete Xbox Arcade only has 512 MB of NVRAM.) The price is listed as €148.99 ($189), which is slightly lower than the $199 Microsoft told us, not to mention that "bundle" suggests it will include a game -- or maybe something Kinect-related.

Then there's the street date, which Amazon has down as August 20, 2010. While that confirms nothing (as retailers are notorious for playing fast and loose with release dates), we will draw attention to this: That's smack dab in the middle of Gamescom 2010. Shades of Microsoft's E3 revelation of the new Xbox 360 and that it was shipping immediately? Stay tuned.

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