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SOE vets create new studio for TCGs based on upcoming MMO


They're not quite Three Wolf Moon, but the folks over at Dire Wolf Digital have their own special brand of magic waiting in the wings. Formed by several Sony Online Entertainment veterans, including Scott Martins, Paul Dennan, Ryan Anderson and Bruce Mitchener, Dire Wolf Digital will focus on creating online trading card games (TCGs). The SOE vets have several TCGs under their belt, including Legends of Norrath and the Free Realms TCG.

What's interesting for MMO fans is that Dire Wolf Digital is working on a project in conjunction with an upcoming MMORPG. Per the press page: "The company is currently producing a trading card game based on an upcoming massively-multiplayer online game, and is in pre-production on additional social and strategy game projects for 2011."

Of course, we have no idea what this upcoming MMO is, but the talent involved makes Dire Wolf Digital worth watching. Considering that the team has previously worked on several TCGs for SOE and elsewhere, it certainly appears to have the pedigree necessary to succeed in the field.

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