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HP developing materials for reflective color e-paper displays

Darren Murph

Who knew HP was such a big player in the display business? Just days after announcing that a flexible display from Mars may very well hit the market out of Hewlett-Packard's own laboratories, a fresh report has surfaced over at Technology Review surrounding yet another display tech that the company is feverishly working on. It's bruited that the outfit is "developing new materials for brighter low-power displays" -- think E Ink, but with color... and a twist. Frustrated with what nature was offering (or not offering, as it were), scientists at HP decided to concoct new materials that "use ambient light to create a more vibrant color for video-capable, low-power screens." It's hard to say just yet whether or not this stuff will end up suitable for mass production; we've been hearing about color e-paper for years now, and even though Qualcomm's Mirasol display showed great promise at CES, we've yet to hear of any progress towards a market-ready product. Hit the source if you're thirsty for technobabble, but don't go looking down on that Kindle just yet.

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