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Syabas provides tease of upcoming PopBox UI


We've already seen a lot of the Popbox, which is due out on July 23rd, but now we're getting a peek at the UI. Screenshots revealed on the company's blog showcase a welcome screen featuring quick access to the media library, apps, search and settings. We've also got a center "home" bar of presumably customizable widgets for at a glance weather and Twitter updates -- two snippets that you'll undoubtedly be refreshing at a near-maddening pace. Prominent features in the shared media library view include a top navigation bar for browsing by media type and a left sub navigation rail for media subgroups. Features aside though, these slightly distorted images definitely resemble the original Boxee interface, but we're all reminded that what we're seeing now is just an initial version. In other words, don't be shocked and appalled if significant updates come quickly after the device's official launch, cool?

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