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Two great Okami convention collectibles coming soon


There are not one but two brilliant Okami-related items in this post, and we tossed and turned all last night about which one we should put pre-break, and which one we should put after. In the end, we flipped a coin, and this amazing Okami polystone statue won. It features a terrific sculpture of everyone's favorite Shinto deity, Amaterasu, and will be available starting at the 2010 International Tokyo Toy Show for 15,540 yen. That's about US$176, so it's not cheap -- but at about 8" across and about 5" tall, it's a nice chunk of sculpted form.

We're still not sure we made the right decision though -- the second piece of collectible Okami gear will be found at the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con, and also after the break.

See what we mean? In terms of artistic craft, sure, the statue wins, but in terms of sheer Internet meme-style awesomeness? This Three Okami T-shirt is drawn by artist Gerald de Jesus and produced by Iam8bit, and will be raffled off by Capcom at next week's big convention in San Diego.

We'll be there next week and if we happen to be lucky enough to snag one, it'll go straight to you readers as a giveaway. Stay tuned.

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