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WoW Moviewatch: Holy Pally


I'm not sure about Holy Pally. On one hand, it features a singing, dancing draenei. I think one of the best things about World of Warcraft are dancing draenei. It therefore stands to reason one of the best things about WoW machinima is dancing draenei. But I feel like the singer's voice was over-affected by the filters, and it left the song feeling garbled. It's really hard to get a grip on the performance with that being the case. The lyrics and vocals are by MelodeeNagrand.

The video itself, however, was fun. The machinima was created by Nagrandify. (I think these two have something about Nagrand. I'm pretty good at detecting these things.) The music video was plenty apt to MelodeeNagrand's lyrics, and kept the pace of the song. It felt a little dark to me, but that could just be that I get distracted by shiny things.

Ultimately, Holy Pally was a decent video. I hope to see more from the pair, as they seem to interact well together.

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