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A Tale in the Desert 5 launches in August

Jef Reahard

A Tale in the Desert, the long-running Egyptian life sandbox from eGenesis, has announced the impending launch of its fifth major iteration called, appropriately enough, A Tale in the Desert 5. If you're not familiar with the game, it features no combat as well as arguably the most in-depth crafting and trade skill system in the genre. Set against an ancient Egyptian backdrop, the title is also somewhat unique in that each major update, or telling, wipes the slate clean and gives players a fresh start in a new world. The game also features a high level of player control over the game world in the form of law making and player-designed tests that allow gamers to both compete and cooperate.

The upcoming version features a new fishing system that involves the catching of bait insects, rare fish, and fish processing to produce various resources. Additionally, creator Andrew Tepper has tweaked the mining system for the fifth telling, calling it "by far the most fun of any [mining system] yet released."

You can check out a free trial and get ready for the next telling at the game's official website.

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