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Coulomb gets in an Empire State of mind, switches on NYC's first public EV charging station

Tim Stevens

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Big Apple residents, get ready to rock the H to the O-V lane in your EV, because downtown recharging just got a little bit easier. Coulomb has dropped one of its ChargePoint stations in a parking lot near the Port Authority. It's just the first of 100 hitting the city and 4,600 coming to other major metropolitan areas around the US by September of next year. And, unlike other NYC-based charging stations, you can use this one. Parking is even free for customers, amazingly, but you'll need to sign up for an account to get access to that sweet 120 and 240V current. Even recharging won't cost you a penny -- but only for a month. After that the fees start. Sadly, even when saving the planet only the first one is free.

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