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Droid Incredible now getting big OTA update with 720p recording?

Chris Ziegler

That rumored software update for HTC's Droid Incredible is apparently now hitting some devices, and it's a doozy -- it's impressive enough, in fact, that it darn near gives you a new phone (short of Froyo, anyway). The headline features are the addition of Verizon's mobile hotspot app (for which you'll pay $20 a month for 2GB in order to use) and 720p video recording, a feature that's becoming virtually standard on top-tier smartphones this year -- including Sprint's EVO 4G, which essentially shares the Droid Incredible's camera hardware. You'll also get the Skype app integrated and some other Verizon-related software goodies plus a sweet new boot animation, so overall, you're definitely going to want to accept this update once you're phone notifies you that it's available. Don't be afraid -- remember, it's the evil Droid eye that you really need to fear.

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