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Queue up for Spec-Ops: The Line's beta


Ready for 2K's Dubai-based reboot of Spec-Ops, but can't wait until the game releases sometime next year? You'll be glad to hear, then, that the game's beta signups have already begun! It seems that, at the moment, the beta is just for Xbox 360 owners, but we've asked 2K for more info about if and when it'll be heading to PS3 and PC.

Signing up, however, doesn't necessarily guarantee entry to the beta this minute. 2K's signup page notes, "If you are selected to participate in the Beta, we will contact you via the email address you provided with next-step instructions on how to redeem a download token." That said, it seems that anyone who manages to sign up before 2K draws a line in the sand will get in. Hooray!

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